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Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat


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1889 Centre Street,

Montreal, QC, H3K 1J1



Quebec Smoked Meat: Premium Meat Processing

A family business since 1950, Quebec Smoked Meat, in Montreal, has been processing and preparing meat in all fashions. We don’t use machinery to do our work—each piece of meat is deboned and prepared by hand. Now you can have meats prepared in an old fashioned way—succulent, juicy, and only the finest cuts. Our happy customers gladly recommend our products and services.

Stop by today and pick up meat for your family at Quebec Smoked Meat. Within walking distance of the metro, we have convenient hours and are open on Saturdays.

Fine Cuisine

Quebec Smoked Meat prepares the most high quality of smoked meat, ham, bacon, sausages, and much more. For vegetable lovers, we even have different kinds of fresh and crisp salads.

Have Questions About Our Products?

Have Questions About Our Products?

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Come See Us Today!

Come See

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Delicious Meat for Any Occasion!

Delicious Meat for

Any Occasion!

We offer several choices of sausage, salami, smoked meat and more.

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