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Quebec Smoked Meat is hiring

40 hour work week to be filled

Driver and other duties

Salary to be discussed with insurance benefits

Call Richard or Verda at 514-935-5297

Sausage and Salami

Our impressive variety in Montreal

At Quebec Smoked Meat, you will find a variety of sausages and salamis in all their variations. Italian smoked sausages, tomato and basil sausages, and garlic salamis: There really is something for everyone here!

Try our tasty products today:


  • Pork sausage
  • Smoked sausage
  • Smoked Maraska sausage
  • Bockwurst sausage
  • Debreziner sausage
  • Hot Mexican sausage
  • Italian smoked sausage
  • Fresh Italian sausage
  • Knackwurst German sausage
  • Buckwheat blood sausage (boudin noir)
  • Louisiana hot sausage
  • Hungarian sausage
  • Ham & cheese sausage
  • Honey & garlic sausage
  • Tomato & basil sausage
  • Cabanos sausage
  • Karnatzel sausage

Hot Dogs

  • Smoked meat hot dog
  • All-beef hot dog
  • Veal wiener


  • Polish kolbasa
  • Krakoska kolbasa
  • Ham kolbasa
  • Ukranian kolbasa


  • All beef salami
  • Garlic salami
  • Ham salami
  • Cotto salami
  • Beerwurst salami
  • Russian style cervelat salami
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